The co-curricular and extra curricular activities are designed for the all round development of the pupil-spiritual, intellectual, social, cultural and physical growth in personality of the pupil includes all that enables a girl or boy to become aware of her/his God-given talents and to develop them to their full potential for the glory of God and the service of the society. Opportunities are provided for co-curricular activities such as, house system, camps, leadership training course etc. to enable the pupil to develop leadership qualities, organizational skills, self expression and character. Working together in a spirit of reciprocity and communion is strongly affirmed. All unhealthy competition and the structures which foster it are strongly discouraged.

         The spiritual formation helps the pupil to deepen his/her relationship with God as a loving father and to grow in love and respect for all people as brothers and sisters. Activities which promote spiritual formation are designed by the school.

        Commitment for Social development includes an awareness of a respect for the diverse aspects of the Indian social milieu and a readiness to contribute constructively to the creation of a just society.

      With a view to create social awareness and concern, the pupils are given exposure programmes on poverty, illiteracy gender-injustice and allied evils.

         The pupils are expected to render their service to their less fortune brethren according to their age and capacity.

          Cultural Development: In the era of cultural invasion by Mass Media, the pupils are educated to appreciate their Indianness and the richness of our culture and at the same time to respect and appreciate other cultures too.

          The pupils are educated to appreciate beauty in whatever form it presents itself. The inner beauty of the human person created in the image of God who is infinite Beauty, Truth and Goodness, is emphasized.

        For physical Development: regular games and outdoor exercises are provided.