Each class is considered as a group with a specific name.It forms a part of the bigger group of entire school.

         The activities of each group will be carried out in serene and harmonious atmosphere, co-operation and collabration, mutual respect and responsibility. Every teacher is the leader of her group which is her class and fulfill her role as the formative guide responsibly and diligently.

         Each class could be named after a flower of its own color will choose flower of its own color from each class. Thus every House will have children from all the classes.At he same time,each class named after a flower will maintain the physiognomy of a group.

         In the group the pupil discover his/her identity,experiences communication and grows in solidarity through God experience,mutual affirmation,fidelity to daily duties,responsible service and celebration of joy and optimism.

         We educators, parents and pupils will walk together as one big family coveraging all our energies and attention towards reaching our goals.