Self-discipline is necessary to achieve self-direction. Thus school rules are a help to strengthen the pupil’s determination for integral growth. They are guidelines to self development rather than restrictions to it.

  • Every pupil expected to be present for the daily assembly.
  • It is strictly compulsory- for every pupil to come to the school in full uniform.
  • Ornaments or jewellary of any kind are not allowed in the school. The school does not take responsibility for money or articles that are lost.
  • Pupils are expected to participate in all the activities of the school and will not be excused from physical exercise or organized games without a Doctor’s certificate.
  • Any damage done in classroom or about the premises will have to be made good.
  • No book, newspapers, magazines, CD’s may be brought to school without the consent of the authorities.
  • Parents and pupil (individually or collectively) are forbidden to give teachers gifts.
  • Forgery of parent’s signature or altering of marks and ranks will be dealt with seriously.
  • All communications should be addressed to the Principal and not to the class teacher.
  • Teachers and pupils are not allowed to meet the parents or visitors during the school hours.
  • No one is allowed at lunch time to feed the pupils.
  • No school transactions will be done through the phone.
  • The pupil and staff are forbidden to organize any meeting, fund raising, ticket selling, parties, picnics, class organization and political activities in the school campus.
  • Pupils should be courteous to all at school and outside in their words and deeds and be considerate towards others.
  • Pupils shall co-operate with the authorities in keeping the premises clean and tidy.
  • No pupil shall leave the school premises during the school hours without the permission of the Principal.

Leave Of Absence

  • Absence by the pupil must be supported by a leave letter signed by the parents or guardian on the day of return to the school.
  • A pupil absenting herself/himself from the school for 30 working days without the notice will be removed from the roll. He/She will have to be re-admitted.
  • If the absence,on account of illness lasts more than 10 days,the application for leave must be accompanied by a medical certificate.
  • Pupil should be present on the re-opening day after each vacation and on the last working day of every term. Absence on these days without adequate reason will be viewed seriously.
  • No pupil will be allowed to appear for the final examination if the attendance for the year is inadequate.
  • A pupil coming late may not enter the class unless he/she brings to the class teacher a note signed by the principal.

Admission And Withdrawal

  • New pupil should be introduced personally by the parent or guardian who will be responsible to the principal for their regularity and fees.
  • Pupil coming from recognized schools are required to produce Transfer Certificate from the institution last attended and pupils from the other State Board School should bring their leaving certificate or transfer certificate counter-signed by the inspectors of the those Stat/Board as well as the mark list of the examination they had passed at the time of leaving attested by the Head of the school and an evaluation certificate from the Inspector of Schools.
  • Transfer certificate will be given only to those who have fully settled their dues and produced a written application from the parent or guardian.
  • Irregular attendance,habitual want of application, dis-obedience;any kind of cheating or any serious misbehaviour even outside the school will be viewed seriously.